• Are they really incorrect quotes?

    Heu sinon je sais pas où classer ces articles, ok?!

    Idée inspirée d'Aypa, lien vers sa rubrique

  • Heu donc voilà, je sais pas si vous voyez ce que sont des incorrect quotes (enfin si vous suivez Aypa, sûrement), mais j'ai décidé d'essayer d'en faire. Le principe original est simple: prendre une 'quote', donc, (citation ou dialogue) d'un film, livre, série, jeu... Et l'adapter avec ses propres personnages. Mais dans mon cas, ce seront toutes des 'quotes' originales, (si elles ressemblent à des quotes existantes, c'est pas voulu donc lol), que j'ai créé quand j'avais du temps libre ou je m'ennuyais.

    Bref, je vais peut être énoncer des persos que vous connaissez pas, (vous pouvez demander des infos sur eux si vous voulez), have fun et je sais pas si il y aura suite!


    "You can't arrest me like that! Honestly, I'm really shocked right now, I thought we were in a country of freedom... Yeah! And what are you doing, about the freedom of expression, bITCH?!"

    Snail, after being caught by the police in the forest, burning the entire neighborhood


    "You're making everything worse, and that's exactly why I like you!"

    BlackBones, trying to bring Than in his cause


    "I was going to tell you a random quote about friendship, then I remembered I never had any of this."

    Shadow, on the groupe, trying to make a last antagonist's speech


    Rudolf: It's pretty dark, this morning

    Joe, in a melancholic drama voice: But is it darker than my heart?

    Rudolf: Dude, your soul is literally a candle, in this kind of night


    In a stressful battle

    Gees: I'm scared of being scared!

    Vervloekte: And soon, you'll become idiot by acting like an idiot!


    Hermès: I think I love you

    So, in Siri's voice: I'm sorry, but did you meant 'I desire you for the moment, but you'll see that later I will dump for another woman because I'll be bored'?

    Hermès: Girl, why can't we have a normal and friendly conversation for once?


    Gregory, thinking out loud: I don't think humans would really like having a tattoo with numbers on them, being forced to be neutered to reduce population, and being euthanized if they're too many of them, becoming legal things to do

    Sol*: Dude it's called being in a dictatorship

    Gregory: So cats are treated like in a dictatorship?

    Sol*: Dude wTF-


    Matt: If I could, I would only command, eat and sleep for the rest of my entire life

    Poséa: You lazy-ass

    Matt: I thought you found your babies adorable?


    Ruhm, after the betrayal of Kitler and Heinrich: Get me to the hospital babe

    Ham: Why?!

    Ruhm: Just got backstabbed


    Cheshy: My lungs are on fire...

    Pinto: I'll help you!


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